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In 1970 amongst the flower children, disco, the Beatles last album and the energy of the anti-war protests the birth of modern environmentalism was born.

Organized by the Earth Day Network, every year on April 22nd, 192 countries participate in this global event where planned festivals, activities and demonstrations educate and establish support for the protection of the environment.

This April in honor of Earth Day, we would like to highlight some of the coolest earth friendly products on the market. Also, see where you’re local Earth day festivities are being held!

This Futuristic Water Bottle Is an Edible, Gelatinous Blob

The Ooho! orbs are meant to reduce carbon emissions and plastics pollution.

april2When we drink bottled water we throw away plastic, [and] 80% of the bottles are not recycled….. Ooho! uses the culinary technique of sphereification, the water is encapsulated in a double gelatinous membrane. The technique consist into apply sodium alginate (E-401) from the brown algae and calcium chloride (E-509) in a concrete proportions in order to generate a gelification on the exterior of the liquid. The final package is simple, cheap (2ct/unit), resistant, hygienic, biodegradable and even eatable. Ooho! is licensed as creative commons so everyone could make them at their kitchen, modifying and innovating the “recipe.”

Preparing these things at home also has a climate benefit, as it doesn’t involve the fossil fuels and CO2 emissions of the bottle-manufacturing process. So there you have it: If you don’t mind looking like a sea turtle feasting on jellyfish, grab your alginate and calcium salts and whip up a batch of quivering, thirst-quenching orbs today.


Deliciously Inspired By Nature™

april3WikiFoods, Inc. has developed a revolutionary, plastic-free food and beverage packaging technology that delivers Triple Good. Called WikiPearls™, they’re good for you, good for the environment, and just plain good.

Imagine for a second the skin of a grape or a coconut. WikiPearl skins are inspired by the way nature packages fruits and vegetables. These skins are delicious protective coatings against water loss and contaminant entry, and potential carriers of effective and functional nutrition.

The WikiFood technology protects the wrapped food or beverage without exposing it to unnatural materials or chemicals while also delivering benefits of health, convenience and a food experience like nothing else.”

Visit WikiFoods site to learn more: http://www.wikipearl.com/


Swiss Researchers Create Eco-Friendly Plastic From Biofuel Waste

A new method for making biodegradable plastic could mean more free farmland for food.

april5In a breakthrough that may benefit two different eco-friendly technologies, a group of Swiss researchers has discovered a way to make biodegradable plastic from a pesky waste product of biofuel.

The market for PLA, a form of plant-derived, biodegradable plastic that’s already being used in food packaging, is projected to grow from 360,000 tons in 2013, to over 1.2 million tons by 2020. But PLA is derived from plants like corn, sugar and tapioca roots (depending on the region). So making megatons of plant-based plastic might mean setting aside millions of acres of land that could otherwise be used to grow food.”

To read the full article from the Smithsonian magazine click here

Intelligent Waterpebble Helps Reduce Shower Time to Conserve Water

april6It is said that a person uses minimum 80 liters of water while taking shower and this time accelerates if power/electric showers are used. Bringing water to the surface and filling our tanks with clean water is not an easy task. People waste a lot of water while showering in a hope to unwind by soaking themselves in warm water. Designers have come up with products that help conserve water and using it in a better way.

Want to Enjoy This Years Local Earth Day Festivities?

april7San Diego EarthWork’s is putting on their 25th anniversary EarthFair 2015 on Sunday, April 19, 2015 at Balboa Park from 10am – 5pm.

For more information visit: http://www.earthdayweb.org/

Written by Pure Water Technology SD