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Don’t you and your employees deserve better drinking water?
Bottled water systems are a hassle requiring upkeep, deliveries, and lifting of heavy 42lb bottles. They also don’t safeguard against potentially harmful contaminants that could make you and your employees sick (it is an open system after all). Additionally, with the amount of pollution created during their manufacturing and delivery processes, ecologically speaking, they are an option our planet can no longer afford.  Some companies have turned to filter coolers to eliminate the bottles but most systems out there lack the important safety testing, quality purification standards and contribute to landfills making it a less than green option.

Pure Water Technology of San Diego on the other hand offers a cost effective water purification solutions that provide your workplace with a truly sustainable approach to fresher, healthier drinking water. Our water purification products eliminate the environmental and workplace impact of bottled water systems and old fashioned filter coolers while giving you an unlimited supply of the freshest, tastiest, oxygenated drinking water that you will love!

If you’re not happy with your current workplace drinking water solution or simply want to reduce your carbon footprint, discover how Pure Water Technology is a different kind of water and contact us for a no obligation FREE 1-week trial.

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The world’s most advanced point of use drinking water system

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Invest in superior water for your workplace

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Counter top design fits any workplace need

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Since 1996 PHSI has been at the forefront of the Go Green movement in regard to drinking water. By replacing bottled water with PHSI's Pure Water Technology® you will enjoy glass after glass of pure delicious oxygenated drinking water that is better for you and better for our planet.



We take pride in giving you a custom-installation to fit your facility’s needs.

Our pure water systems are tested and certified to the highest North American and European standards for safety and performance


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