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Turn Your Trash into Cash

How to recycle correctly and earn money in the process!

Nowadays in our age of convenience practically everything we purchase or consume has an element that ends up in landfills. Think plastic wrapping on goods, shipping boxes, envelopes and packaging, food containers, shopping bags, used paint or hairspray cans, labels off clothing, take out containers, used paper towels…….the list could literally go on and on but I think you have the idea. While it has become commonplace to just toss the trash it is definitely all of our responsibilities to ensure a healthy planet for tomorrow. The great news is, there are ways that all of us can contribute and make a significant difference simply by learning how to recycle properly and then doing it!


Recycling is truly awesome and offers substantial value to both you and the planet. First of all it helps create jobs which we can all agree is great for the economy. Also, it can be more cost effective than trash collection (read save money), reduces the need for new landfills, saves energy (again saves money), supplies valuable raw materials to industry, and adds significantly to the U.S. economy.

If saving the planet isn’t motivation enough perhaps the thrill of earning cash for your trash will entice you! That’s right; there are plenty of products that you use every day that can be recycled locally for cash. All those empty soda and beer cans, plastic water bottles and glass bottles that would ultimately end up in landfills is money in your pocket. The best part is that San Diego has tons of convenient recycling stations making it so simple to cash in.

For a comprehensive list of local recycling centers visit

What Goes Where?

The City of San Diego has a comprehensive recycling program which allows San Diegans to recycle in a way that is just as simple as taking out the trash. Different color trash bins allow you to easily separate your trash from the recyclables and are picked up by the city along with your regular bins.

Not sure what is recyclable? You’re definitely not alone! Even the most seasoned of recyclers question the do’s and don’ts of recycling.

To learn more about exactly what constitutes as recyclable and which color bin to put it in click here:

I think you’ll be surprised to see just how much “trash” can actually be recycled!

6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle For Money

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San Diego’s Extensive Recycling Programs

For more valuable information on San Diego’s extensive recycling programs including construction waste, recycling events, electronic waste, backyard composting, school recycling, residential recycling and more….. click here

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